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Custom Software

3SI has a team of highly qualified analysists and developers ready and able to meet the most demanding technical challenges. We are dedicated to provide low-cost, high-quality solutioins for needs such as information systems, financial services systems, imaging solutions, and software integration. We can also provide hardware procurement and/or installation, software installation, system setup, and Operations Center build-out.

Reggi is our membership management system, which includes a Card Registration product for fee-based services. This is a turn-key system which allows each step of the process to be outsourced - from data entry through fulfillment. This general-purpose system also has an interface for consumer credit reports and can easily accommodate any fee-based service. Reggi is a desk-top application that can run against any database. Our first installation was a customized version for Metris. [REGGI brochure in PDF format]

Experience complete control with Excursion Travel Exchange (ETX), an Internet based GDS migration service. ETX takes away any and all issues surrounding the data migration process. GDS Account Managers have complete control over migrations while Travel Agencies have control of their data customization. ETX provides 24x7 access to downloads, conversions and uploads, seamless migrations/interaction between Account Managers & Travel Agencies, complete control over data customization, hassle free updates for GDS format changes, elimination of all scheduling restrictions, elimination of migration schedule issues, reduced expenses with this new decentralized migration process and redeployment of GDS resources previously required to maintain migration tools. [etx brochure in PDF format]




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