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Project Names: Inventory System
Inventory Report Writer
Interdepartmental Requisition System
Client Name: Emory Pharmacy

Inventory System

A pharmaceutical purchasing and inventory control system for use by a multi-hospital and clinical organization. Manages formulary, contracts, order transmission, confirmation acknowledgments and invoicing. Used by Emory University Hospital, Crawford Long Memorial Hospital and Wesley Woods Hospital. Consists of 5 drug inventories (4 wholesalers and the hospital formulary) totaling over 100,000 drug items. Drugs can be quickly searched, ordered, and usage and invoicing statistics viewed.

Screen Descriptions
ItemInquiry.gif - Search screen which allows sorting and searching by field type. From here users can order or view drug statistics. All locations running the system access the same inventories.
ItemsOrdered.gif - Repository for current drug orders. From here users can run quality control on orders and create and print purchase orders. Each location (hospital) has its own separate order database.
PurchaseOrders.gif - Listing of all purchase orders for all hospitals and clinics. From here users can void, receive and invoice and view shortages.
PurchaseOrderDetails.gif - Listing of single purchase order items. From here user can initiate ordering of substitute items that have been shorted.
ItemUsage.gif - Monthly usage statistics reporting quantity and dollar totals.
PurchaseOrderInvoice.gif - Invoice history displayed for single purchase order.
ItemHistory.gif - Item order history display.

Inventory Report Writer

An intuitive management report generating tool to report on all Inventory System data. Allows users to populate a report grid with only the fields they want based on criteria that they select. Reporting options are categorized to allow users to query inventories, purchasing information, usage information and pricing discrepancies. Search criteria include ordering or billing account, purchased from, date range, drug item by category (therapeutic class, robot status etc.) or drug item by description (brand, generic etc.). Reports can be saved as private or shared and reused as desired. All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or HTML. Some reports are designed with Crystal Reports for output with a more customized look and feel.

Screen Descriptions
RWFormat.gif - Output formatting screen to choose field layout and sorting options.
RWResults.gif - Report results screen
RWAccounts.gif - Account selection screen
RWDates.gif - Date selection screen

Interdepartmental Requisition System

An information system for charging hospital departments for requisitions as well as functionality for transmitting user department standing orders to a drug distributor. The requisition system is run independently at each hospital location. The system interfaces with the master inventory database for looking up drug information and transmits direct ship orders to the Inventory order repository.

Screen Descriptions
Requisitions.gif - Listing of requisitions
RequisitionDetails.gif - Listing of single requisition items
StandingOrder.gif - Listing of single standing order
StandingOrderDetails.gif - Listing of single standing order items
Reports.gif - Report screen to request month end requisition reports, standing order sheets, usage reports and department listings.

Window 2000 OS
Visual Basic 6.0 front-end
Microsoft Access XP back-end (being ported to SQL Server 2000)

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